Ditto Pokemon transformed plushies

You can’t deny that you don’t love that blank stare and smile of the easily breed-able Pokemon Ditto. Now enjoy him in many different forms of his transformation. Which for will you choose, will Ditto transformed be cute enough for you to want to bring


Togepi Egg holder

We can add this item to the unnecessary things I want list.hahaha The Togepi egg holder is exactly what it sounds like, it hold large eggs in a decorative casing to look like Togepi. What real purpose does this serve? Nothing, but something to look


SNES wireless controller

Add a little new tech to your favorite retro system with the SNES wireless controller. This SNES wireless controller is based off of bluetooth technology where the receiver plugs into your SNES system allowing you to use it as if it were like an Xbox/


Donkey Kong Amiibo Display

Amiibo display, small action figure display, it doesn’t matter this shelf is pretty sweet. The display is very easy to assemble and is officially licensed by Nintendo. The display will hold up to 9 of your favorite Amiibo’s or whatever Amiibo sized item of your