3 Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks

Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks Did you know that Eren’s titan formation was never given an official name? Fans are the ones who actually dubbed it the ‘Rogue Titan’ due to it’s weird behavior. Well that is all aside the point as AOT get’s me

Keyboard Mods: Pokemon Keyboard

Pokemon Keyboard stickers If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then you are probably always looking for ways to mod Pokemon into your life. The Pokemon keyboard stickers can set you apart. They take your average looking boring computer keyboard and add your favorite characters to

Geeky Valentine's Day cards pokemon bulbasaur

5 Geeky Valentine’s Day cards

The mainstream media always depicts valentines day for a normal couple, but what if you are a geeky couple. What if you don’t care about roses, and diamond rings, lame hearts and stuff covered in pink and red? Then normal store bought valentine’s day cards