Monthly Archives: July 2015

Wrong Bruce

When you think you are funny, but you’re actually dumb. The Hulk not Batman dumb ass.  

USB problems

Even when you think you got it right you never do. Can’t wait for those any direction USB ports/ plugs.

Geek Ink Artist D.B.Kaye

  If you are in Hamilton, New Zealand or ever travel to Hamilton, you should check out Tattoo artist David Benjamin Kaye. As you can see he is really good at Geek Art/ Geek Ink. If you enjoy his work as much as we do

Geek Facts Week 1

The geek universe is a pretty vast place, and if you are like me then you don’t know all the ins and outs of every single comic ever made. Well I hope you don’t anyways here are some fun geek facts that you may not

Star Wars Babes

             Who doesn’t love a geeky girl who likes Star Wars? I sure do. Check out past dumps here, our Instagram at @GeekTak, and if you are a girl who would like to submit check out this page, or DM us on