Monthly Archives: September 2015

Tetris Alarm Clock

  I guess I will start telling everyone what time it is. Going to be the coolest kid out there when I get a “Hey dude, do you know what time it is?”, “Hold on…” (whips  out Tetris clock). Okay, well I probably won’t carry

N64 Lamp

The N64 lamp is made up of an old Nintendo console and two controllers. It is pretty unique and a great addition to any geeks room. Now imagine this bad boy in your man cave next to your Goku lamp. That is going to be

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Join the Dark side and roast your enemies on the grill using these awesome lightsaber BBQ tongs. I mean you probably have all the lightsaber toys you can buy so why not move your collection to the grill because you can never have enough Star

Functional Game Boy Refrigerator

We have all seen the magnets that “turn” your refrigerator into a Game Boy, but now someone has gone and actually transformed their mini fridge into a giant playable Game Boy.   Danield’Entremont was tired of all the decals and magnets, and took the initiative

Gamer porn statistics by console

By the look of the names, and the fact that they are consoles this is actually a list of underage porn searches by console. So this graph by YouPorn makes it clear to what your kids are searching for during “late night” gaming sessions.