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Geek Art Artist Greg. “Léon” Guillemin

Geek Art Artist Greg. “Léon” Guillemin 48-year old Grégoire Guillemin, aka “Léon”, refuses to let his childhood passions fade quietly into the past. Science fiction, comic books, and video games still reign. From 1930’s vintage to modern day Pop Art, his artworks rediscover and reinvent styles

Mark of the Empire goodies

The newly released “Mark of the Empire” series available in Giclee prints Stickers Magnets Available Here Check out zeitgaiss on Instagram and Facebook  

Wood Posters made for a geek

When I think of geek culture, wood working isn’t really ever thought of. When you give geeks a laser engraver and a stack of high quality pine wood. You get yourself Engravers Dungeon and wood posters. Their product immediately won me over when I first saw

15 Awesome things Star Wars Fans Need in Their homes

The most important day of the year is closing in, that’s right the premiere of Star Wars the Force Awakens. Well and Christmas too, either way it is time to get geared up and make your house presentable Star Wars night eve, or find some

Retro Styled Movie posters by Rad Retro

Looking for a great stocking stuffer for a movie fanatic? Then look no further, these awesome retro styled movie posters by Rad Retro have a unique flare to them, that any enthusiast will enjoy. There are currently 14 titles, including The Nightmare Before Christmas, Raiders

The tastiest AT-AT cake

Well I’m totally convinced to join the dark side, since they have this awesome AT-AT cake. I wish someone would make me a cool cake like this. 🙁