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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review

TL:DR at the bottom. Castlevania, is a game series with a long, storied past. I’ve been a fan of this series for quite some time, and have played a few other titles. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, flew under the radar for me. I heard a

I fucking love Pizza

Pizza Isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we all love pizza! Check out these random awesome pizza images and doodads for every pizza geek. Get one here, for your friends too! Get this yummy bow tie here Available Here

Geek man cave

  Geek man caves are unlike a “Manly man’s” man cave, to put it simply it is better. The “Manly” man cave consists of sports teams big screen TV’s, maybe a pool table and what not. The geek man cave has all your nostalgia from

This is not a hoverboard

Those damn scooters have been around a bit longer on the internet than in the home, but they finally blew upĀ (figuratively and literally) mid-late 2015 to the general public especially now that Christmas has passed. Yeah there is not much I can do to stop