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Pokemon Night lights

Last week was Pokemon’s 20’th anniversary, on that day some of us chose Pokemon Red and Some of us chose Pokemon Blue (blue if you were cool like me because come on Blastoise looked like a badass!). Anyways this Etsy user has made some pretty

Firewatch TLDR Review

Firewatch TLDR Review First person adventure I recommend Firewatch for the story, but just so you are aware it is a walking simulator. Pros Aesthetically pleasing Good music Great voice acting Animation is well done Cons The ending was rushed, and could have been better

The best iPhone controller for mobile gaming

If you love mobile gaming on your iPhone, but don’t love to use the screen to control the game, then the Gamevice Controller is what you have been looking for. The Gamevice has one job and that is to give you the feel of a

XCOM 2 TLDR Review

Hate reading long reviews? TLDR reviews bring you a quick glimpse at the games Pros and Cons Find out yourself and buy XCOM 2, well I would actually wait until they fix the FPS issue and clipping Pros Variety of enemies Procedurally generated levels

Doctor Who Coloring book

That is right the Doctor who coloring book is here for your kids to enjoy you to enjoy! The coloring books is great for those of us that just love the whole Doctor universe. Planets, galaxies, villains, heroes, the Tardis and of course the Dcotor,

League of Legends Custom Gaming PC build

League of Legends PC build A couple of days ago me and some friends were at a friend’s house. One of his friends whipped out his new custom gaming PC from his car. The computer was a fancy custom case. Naturally I proceeded to ask

Jybe, Guess that minimalist character!

Jybe is a Swiss designer who has mixed pixel art and pop culture in a web-based project called “Characters”. The idea is to represent famous characters sort by themes (Cartoons, Comics, Cinema, etc.) with a stack of colored bricks and share them as minimalist pop