Monthly Archives: March 2016

I sense that the Force is Strong in these bikinis

These awesome R2-D2 and Darth Vader swimsuits are the perfect gift for your geeky girlfriend, or just a geeky girl in general. Currently there are only two options for the dark side and the light side, but these options are pretty awesome and who wouldn’t

Pokemon Merchandise: Pokeball shift knob

Pokeball gear knob for a Poke master Are you a Pokemon master? Then you have to have the Pokeball shift knob. You know, so that people can recognize all your Pokemon glory. The Pokeball shift knob was crafted from durable resin styled in one of the

Death Star planter

The power is strong on the dark side, so harness the dark powers to grow your favorite plant in the Death Star. This geeky plant pot was handcrafted using concrete to form this iconic symbol of the dark side. The best part is it is

Rainbow Light up Mechanical Keyboard

Still gaming on that ergonomic Keyboard that feels kind of spongy when you press the keys? Why haven’t you upgraded to a mechanical keyboard yet, they feel awesome and you will start to love that sound that the mechanical keyboard makes, and now you are

Sock for the Star Wars fanatic

Hate those boring old socks that you usually match up with your formal outfits? Well Stance Star Wars socks are here to spice up your life! If someone would like to buy me the Chewbacca or Jaba socks hit me up on IG @Geektak! haha