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Dragon ball wedding ring

Dragon Ball Z Ring

Buyer beware, if you posses this Dragon ball wedding ring you may or may not have a young Saiyan knocking at your door. All kidding aside this Dragon ball  wedding ring is the bees knees among geeky rings.  The Dragon ball on the rings are

is a mechanical keyboard worth it

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

TLDR Yes, yes it is, but keep reading to see my opinion on knock off mechanical keyboards. Now there is nothing wrong with a membrane keyboard. It does the job, doing its inputs and other keyboard needs. Although, the world of typing on a mechanical

Pokemon Pikachu Nest Terrarium

Pikachu Nest Terrarium

Well of course a Pikachu nest would be super cute. Just look at these baby Pikachu’s enjoying their natural habitat. You were thrilled the first time you crossed path with a Pikachu in Pokemon Red and Blue. Then again in your adult life when you

Dragon ball z bathrobe

Dragon Ball Z Bathrobe

Watching the Dragon ball series can only be done in one way. That way is in a Goku robe. So prepare yourself for a 24-7 DBZ marathon and achieve maximum relaxation. Between episodes feel free to get on a Saiyan powered workout. Then pop yourself

Snorlax bean bag

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag

Oh how I wish I had this amazing bean bag when I was younger. Well after I found out what a Snorlax was. I first came across Snorlax in my version of Pokemon Blue for the Game Boy. The large creature was blocking my path

Master Sword and Hylian Shield Replica For Sale

Master Sword and Hylian Shield Replica For Sale

The Master Sword is such an iconic sword in the Zelda series. It is a recurring sword in the Legend of Zelda series that is used to destroy evil. Now you won’t be able to vanquish evil with this replica statue. Although, it will be an awesome

gaming on a mac

Gaming on a Mac

TLDR: Simply Just DON’T bother. When It comes to ‘real’ gaming. Gaming on a Mac I don’t own a mac, but I have used plenty of them. Mac OS’s do not have the gamer in mind at all as their primary consumer are creatives. Unless

Gaming Mouse VS Regular Mouse

The age old question, do I really need a gaming mouse? Gaming mice are kind of one of the big staples when becoming a PC gamer. If you haven’t been around the PC gaming scene for a while then you will probably wonder about a

Classical styled Link and Zelda print

Must Have Zelda Artwork

Zelda artwork is a must have for any retro game lover. Even just for gamers in general, as Zelda is an iconic game as it is. The Zelda series is one of those games that was quite challenging to play. It brought you the fight

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

Dragon Ball Z Nimbus Painting

The flying nimbus is a pretty iconic cloud in the Dragon Ball series. The little yellow magical cloud was Goku’s first speedy means of transportation.  The joy on Goku’s face when he received the Nimbus from Master Roshi for saving one of Roshi’s turtle pals.