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Super Mario Lakitu Night Light

Super Mario Lakitu Night Light

You might want to hang the little guy buy your door to stop intruders. He will be sure to throw some spiny eggs at those who should not be entering.  But really, this would make a great gift for you or anyone else who loves

Retro NES Cartridge Coasters

Retro NES Cartridge Coasters

I’ll stop you before you try. Don’t blow on these cartridges because they just won’t start working! If you are looking for a father’s day gift or a general present for your father, then you can never go wrong with retro gaming accessories. Chances are

Pokemon koffing koffee mug

Pokemon Koffing Koffee Mug

I have traveled across the web, searching far and wide. Looking for a purpose for Koffing, and realized it was the coffee inside. At first I didn’t understand, then realized it was the flavor inside, Koffee Mug, holds your favorite blend start your shift at

Pokemon beauty products 2

Pokemon Beauty Products

Before today I had no idea someone made an entire line of beauty products based off of Pokemon. From Pokemon body cleansers to Pokemon blackhead masks. It’s a wonderful time to be living in. I mean why not enjoy your morning routine with the sight

crocheted pokemon gyardos scarf

Crocheted Gyardos Scarf

Gyardos naturally have thick scales, which make him the ideal Pokemon accessory to wear around your neck in the winter.  This awesome Pokemon scarf is handmade by OttersCraft. This handmade Gyardos scarf comes in a 4 feet long. Each order is custom made upon ordering,

Yoshi Egg earrings

Nintendo Yoshi Egg Earrings

Yoshi’s egg is a pretty iconic egg that most people can recognize. If you have been gaming from the 80’s and beyond. Geek fashion currently is not held back like it was a few years back. More people are open up to wearing retro gaming

Pokemon amigurumi

Adorable Pokemon Amigurumi Plushie

Amigurumi is the art of knitting/ crocheting a small stuffed yarn creature. Frankly the results are usually pretty adorable, as you can tell by the picture below. Today is your chance to adopt one of these cute little Pokemon amigurumi’s that were hand made by

Pokemon 3d printed coasters

Pokemon 3D Printed Coasters

Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, one of these little guys have to be your favorite Pokemon starter.  Or maybe you like them all. Either way these 3D printed coasters were designed after all four of the iconic characters. This features the Pokemon on their belly with

The Legend of Zelda chess set

Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Take on Ganon once again in a game of strategy. You may have played chess a million times before, but never with the purpose of putting Ganon into checkmate on a checkered board. This is a collectors edition chess set which includes 32 custom sculpted