3 Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks

Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks

Did you know that Eren’s titan formation was never given an official name? Fans are the ones who actually dubbed it the ‘Rogue Titan’ due to it’s weird behavior. Well that is all aside the point as AOT get’s me carried away sometimes. You are here to check out some sweet attack on titan backpacks for all your geek carrying needs. You will obviously need something to carry your Attack on Titan Pajamas, Mug, dog survey corps cloak, and there is nothing better to do that than an Attack on Titan backpack.

This Attack on Titan backpack is large capacity and made from a canvas material. The backpack sizes in at 27x44x17 cm and is ideal for laptops. Currently this geeky backpack will run you a cool $21.00 on Amazon.

Did you know that the AOT anime series was banned in China because the wanted to “Protect the healthy development of youth”?

3 Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks

Another style of Attack on titan backpack, also featuring the survey corps logo. Instead of a canvas material, this one is a more traditional Nylon which is great for daily use. Any AOS fan would love to own this as it would make a great collectible or a gift a geek would love. You can check it out here.

3 Awesome Attack On Titan Backpacks 2

Did you know that they based the armored titan off of the WWE superstar and MMA fighter Brock Lesnar? Watch google an image of the Titan and Lesnar and you can see the resemblance. Enough of the AOT facts check out this unique green and black Attack on Titan backpack. The other two folow the traditional tan and properly colored logo color scheme.  This one gets outside of the box. You can find it here currently $29.99 here at the date of this post. (it may change depending on when you view this post)


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