8-Bit Geek Love

Geek love, the love you deserve

Whether it be today, tomorrow, Valentines day, or a birthday. There is no denying your geek love, for the one you love. Now you cold go to Jared and buy her some diamonds, but how cliche is that. Your love, loves Zelda, Nintendo, 8-bit, and retro gaming. So diamonds are not always going to be your best friend. Although I don’t know how well she would take it if you bought a piece of plastic for and engagement ring. Although, if she truly loves you then it really wouldn’t matter anyways. Who could pass up a Link Master Sword ring????

Zelda Necklace Pixel Heart

This love heart necklace is made out of 3 layers of Acrylic with an 8-bit design. The necklace is 28 inches x 2, and the heart measures in at 3.5x 3.5 cm. This Zelda necklace can also snap together so that you can give the other half to your geek love. This necklace is sold by Nastalgame, and you can check it out here

Geek Love Pixel heart necklace

Hyrule Shield and Master Sword Rings

You can wear the Master sword ring, she can wear the Hyrule shield. Then people would know that you two are together. Well probably not, because only people who know about Zelda would understand what you were wearing. Check it out here

Zelda Geek love rings

Pac-man Ghost bracelet

The Pac-man ghost bracelet is handmade out of copper by 8bitCreations SE. All of their pieces are created with a geek in mind. Check it out here

Video Game Love Necklace

Nothing says I love like the word LOVE. Express your love for that gamer girl or boy in your life and get them this. After the love fades we can pretend that the necklace meant you loved gaming.haha Check it out here

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