90’s kid or Sad adult?

90's kid or sad adult90’s kid or Sad adult?

Many people like to say that 90’s ‘kids’ are simply just sad adults. Always being nostalgic remembering all the great things of their childhood.

That statement does makes sense, but if you think about it kids who grew up in the 90’s had so many technological advancement. All this change happened in such a small amount of time. We clearly remember items that are now obsolete such as huge ass brick cellphones that had one function. To a mini computer that can do so much and fit in your pocket, all in our developmental years.

90’s kids love technology, but our childhoods were less technology based. We grew up hanging outside playing with skateboards, chalk, jump rope, playground, bikes. Even with all these outdoor activities I still had my Super Nintendo. I had a few games that I would play when I got exhausted from running around outside. Now kids hardly go outside, as more parents are paranoid that their kids will be taken. Or they simply just won’t leave their computers, gaming consoles or whatever mobile devices they have to go outside. By the way I didn’t have my first cellphone till I was 17. We were the generation smack dab in the middle of it all. So you can see why this sparks so much nostalgia for us.

In a sense we are sad adults because we are the last generation of bright promises of “work hard go to college, and you’ll have a prosperous life”, just to have our hopes abruptly interrupted when the housing bubble burst. So you can say we are bitter, and we just want those days back when we thought the world was full of opportunities. Not that the world we live in now has none, our thoughts on it are just all types of messed up.

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So a big thank you to all those teachers, TV shows, and ads that paved our way with false promises, what you should have really taught us was to think for ourselves.


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