Budget Gaming PC Specs Guide

These all come out to around the same price as the Asus GR8 II but blow it out of the water Spec wise. You can choose whatever case you want to fit your aesthetics. The one that comes closes to the small form factor of the Asus is the portable build one at the bottom of this post. The other two have a standard size tower case, I just picked a random case that I thought was cool and sleek.

Prices subject to change from the date of this post.

Budget Friendly i7 mid MTX gaming Build

Before Taxes: $1,068.92
If you need Windows 10 add on and extra $125
If you have a Micro Center Near you I believe they can build it for around $130 (possibly other computer shops will do it for the same. Total: $1,323.92

Budget Friendly i5 mid MTX gaming Build

Before Taxes
W/ Windows 10 $1,003.91
Plus Installation Give or take $1,133.91

$190 difference from the i7 build

Portable Micro build

Total: $999.91
W/ Windows 10: $1124.91
Plus Installation: $1,254.91

For any of these builds you can upgrade the GPU to fit your budget or needs. If going a GTX 1060 make sure it is the 6 GB version.

Titan > 1080 > 1070 > 1060
That is from Top of the line to Budget friendly but still good.


Pre set combos from Newegg
These ones you don’t have the option of choosing the parts and the case, but you get a pretty good savings