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Playeruknowns battlegrounds RECOMMENDATION

Is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds worth it?

I am nowhere near being a hardcore gamer these days. More of a casual play with friends gamer. Don’t get me wrong a good single player game is awesome. I am capable of playing alone. I just like messing around with friends. So I bring

Nintendo Switch's Marketing is Weird

Nintendo Switch’s Marketing is Weird

Nintendo Switch, get away from reality in the real world? You have probably seen the Nintendo Switch preview trailer already, but if you haven’t seen it, take a minute and watch it above. Throughout that Nintendo Switch preview you notice that people are playing their

Why you should buy the NES Classic Over the Raspberry Pie NES

Why you should buy the NES Classic Over the Raspberry Pie NES

NES vs NES Pi The Raspberry Pi NES will obviously be a better console. It’s better because it is a homebrew, and has endless possibilities. Possibilities such as downloading any game that you want then 3D printing that game it’s own cartridge. You can probably

Fun Strategic War Board Game: 40k Warhammer Forbidden Stars.

My first war strategy board game: 40k Warhammer Forbidden Stars. I have never played any board games past the standard Monopoly and Life generic family time games. So when my friend asked me to play Forbidden Stars I was quite skeptical. I didn’t think I

Farcry Primal TLDR Review

Far Cry TLDR Review Although the game looks pretty sweet, you wonder why this game costs $60 and it is poorly optimized for PC. So I would hold out until it goes on sale for around $10 if you really had to play it or

Firewatch TLDR Review

Firewatch TLDR Review First person adventure I recommend Firewatch for the story, but just so you are aware it is a walking simulator. Pros Aesthetically pleasing Good music Great voice acting Animation is well done Cons The ending was rushed, and could have been better

XCOM 2 TLDR Review

Hate reading long reviews? TLDR reviews bring you a quick glimpse at the games Pros and Cons Find out yourself and buy XCOM 2, well I would actually wait until they fix the FPS issue and clipping Pros Variety of enemies Procedurally generated levels

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review

TL:DR at the bottom. Castlevania, is a game series with a long, storied past. I’ve been a fan of this series for quite some time, and have played a few other titles. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, flew under the radar for me. I heard a