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When you cosplay as a Sega Saturn

Most of my consoles from my childhood either broke or are just currently collecting dust. This guy probably had a old broken Sega Saturn, that was nothing more than a Nostalgia dust collector so why not make it into a costume and probably out cosplay

Batman Arkham Knight Players Guide Typo

I have been PC gaming for years, and completely forgot that gamer guides were actually a thing, but this one couldn’t even get the spelling of the games name right…or they were trying to save on ink?  

The Gamer Gotham Needs

  You too can now game just like the dark knight! Look passed how chubby the current user is in the pic and look at the graphics chiseled legs, he clearly didn’t miss leg day. So forget the gym, be comfy play your games and

“Nintoaster” Nintendo Toaster Console

  Jarno Kotavuopio is the maker of the custom Nintendo consoles. He has made two of them in the toaster form, which includes this masterpiece. It features polished chrome, internal lights, buttons that glow and if completely function for gaming.   He even has cartridges

The Power Glove Used to make Robot Chicken

The glove was modified with bluetooth to help control some stop-motion animation. The glove was originally made for the NES, but I think this mod is way more functional than its gaming abilities, and no better use for some classic Nintendo gear!