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Old Game Boy converted into a clock

Have an old Nintendo Game Boy laying around? Never use that old Game Boy? Why not turn it into something cool? This person decided to turn it into a cool Super Mario themed clock, and I think it is a pretty sweet novelty. The Game

Grillenium Falcon Star Wars themed food truck

I found this pic hidden in the sea that is the internet, and thought it was one of the coolest food trucks I have seen from a geek stand point. The original post dated back to 2011 and their Facebook page last posted in 2014. I

Holographic Goku!

If you loved the Goku Lamp then you are going to probably love this amazing Holographic Goku Dragon Ball Z figure. You may not be able actually play with the figure, but you can see Goku’s energy surrounding him as if you toy figure is powering

Professor Gives us a look into Pikachu’s anatomy

Of course Pikachu isn’t real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a an fake anatomy for the little guy. Professor Takashi Oda of Seian University imagined Pikachu’s skeleton for us all to get a look inside one of Pokemon’s most iconic characters. It all

Driftwood turned into heroes and villains

  Anna Foucher is a French artist that has found random scraps of driftwood and turned them into some pretty awesome geeky heroes and villains. All the pieces are from recovered driftwood that has been washed ashore and she then started to sculpt them into

Pokemon Trainer Problems

  You would think after many years and many games since Pokemon Red and Blue that some things in the pokeverse would make more sense. Even though you know your beloved Pokemon world is fake sometimes the geek in you just wants things to be

The right way to draw Pikachu!

    One user has a love for Pokemon so great that he has figured out the end all way to draw Pikachu. It is no surprise that Japanese culture is kind of pervy, and the artist figured out the answer to drawing his favorite

Must Have Star Wars Wine and Cheese Accessories

MW Gaiss is a sculptor and stop-motion animator living right outside Manhattan in Kings Park Long Island. He lives with his wife Tara, daughter Madison Joan, son Oliver and Norwegian forest cat Maynard. Clientele: The Jim Henson Co., Bill Plympton, Magic Hat Breweries, Vamp Productions,