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Crossbow Mug, with a side of brains

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Then one of your favorite characters has to Daryl Dixon, so why not wake up and enjoy your coffee with a hint of undead? That may not sound very flattering, but that should be know problem for a fan

A Stormtrooper’s biggest foe

Yup, this alarm clock is real and your average Stormtrooper will have a difficult time ever getting sleep again. Do you have a better shot than a Stormtrooper test you skill with this badass alarm clock. Get one here in white or black.

DJ millennium Falcon!

Not a real DJ name that I know of, but it would be pretty fitting to call yourself that and have this turntable. The official name of this turntable is the “Millennium 1200”, which is based off of a SL-1200 and retrofitted into a Star

Awesome Star Wars Terrariums

Star Wars Terrariums are a fun DIY The DIY should be pretty self explanatory, but here are some links to items you can buy to fill up you terrarium. Get creative, you may be able to use things that you already have laying around the

Awesome Han Solo Shower Curtain

One of the most iconic images from the Star Wars trilogy can now have to pleasure of joining you in your own home. The shower to be exact, don’t worry Han Solo will not watch you in your birthday suit he is frozen in carbonite.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

You dream just came true thanks to Kayla Kromer who created this amazing Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed. Now to break you heart because this was made back in 2009 and is the only one of its kind, so either get to work on your