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Why I play hots

Heroes of The Storm is my new favorite MOBA

We have DOTA and League of Legends which I would consider as the most popular MOBA in the last few years. There are other MOBA’s out there, but I have only played these two in the last 4 years. My friends have recently picked up

Samurai jack season premiere trailer

Samurai Jack is back in March with a New Season

Samurai Jack’s New Season Trailer That’s right boys and girls. It has been a long time coming and they have been teasing us with an official release date. The day has finally come when they will tell us when Samurai jack‘s new season will premier.

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet mnda_rae

It sucks to be a girl gamer on the internet

It sucks to be a girl gamer I am a male geek/gamer, and I have realized that it really sucks being a girl gamer. How can I realize this? Well I run Geektak, the blog you are on right now and the Instagram page with

Poke Balls Popping up at Target

That Poke ball outside of your local Target is not random vandalism from Pokemon GO players. Target wants to be you #1 Stop for Pokéstops turning the big red balls (Security bollards) outside the store into giant poke balls. It has already happened to more

Cam Newton’s Kryptonite

Cam Newton had an obviously great season, and I don’t really hate that he shows his cockyness non the field. I actually like the showboating and emotion that he is bringing, something the NFL has been trying to shutdown more and more ever since Terrel

I am questioning the Oxford Dictionaries credibility.

I don’t know whether B.O.B. really thinks the world is flat or if he is just using the outlandish statements to draw attention to himself and his new mix-tape, or if he seriously thinks that somewhere on the earth you can fall of the planet.

I fucking love Pizza

Pizza Isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we all love pizza! Check out these random awesome pizza images and doodads for every pizza geek. Get one here, for your friends too! Get this yummy bow tie here Available Here