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How to handle meddling kids

Those pesky meddling kids always sending people to jail just for scaring people. Well this is one way to slow them down, by setting the Mystery Machine on fire.  

Cruisin’ down the street in my 64

Aww classic Eazy-E song “Cruisin down the street in my 64”. Meets geek culture and retro gaming console, the Nintendo 64. ¬†The mashup features Eazy-E sitting inside the N64. Instead of a 64′ Chevy Impala which is glorious in it’s own right. If you enjoy

Kanye, The Ultimate Cosplayer

Kanye can be a tricky many, with his claims of good music then proceeds to put out bad albums. We all know he does this because he knows it will sell regardless. He is smug and arrogant, but it has to be all part of

The Gamer Gotham Needs

  You too can now game just like the dark knight! Look passed how chubby the current user is in the pic and look at the graphics chiseled legs, he clearly didn’t miss leg day. So forget the gym, be comfy play your games and

Bill Nye Debunks Deflategate

  So much controversy is surrounding the NFL from terrible calls whether it be from DET vs. DAL or Dez Bryants overturned catch in Green Bay. One thing that has been consistent though is the cheat talk that has always surrounded the New England Patriots.

How to troll a friend when you lose a bet

Losing a bet always sucks, especially when when it involves money, even if it is a measly $15 money is money. This geek happened to lose the bet and decided to make getting the gift card more difficult to get to. The best part is