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90’s kid or Sad adult?

90’s kid or Sad adult? Many people like to say that 90’s ‘kids’ are simply just sad adults.¬†Always being nostalgic remembering all the great things of their childhood. That statement does makes sense, but if you think about it kids who grew up in the

Handmade Star Wars Goodies

Your Tauntaun smelling bad on the outside – or inside? Did you lose the keys to your Rancor pen? Well Zeitgaiss has just sorted both these problems for you with scented Star Wars candles and key chains. Star Wars candles come in Vader, Royal Gaurd

Marty and the Doc travel to the real 2015

We all know about the dreamland that is Back to the futures 2015, the future with hoverboards, poofy jackets and all sorts of stuff that just did not happen. The movies 2015 was just way cooler than ours, that has a Lexus hoverboard, but it

How to piss off Star Wars and Star Trek fans

I like both series, but not a fanatic in anyway and love to use Star Wars or Star Trek references to both fan bases. I find it hilarious what this store worker has done, commence the butthurt.

Functional Game Boy Refrigerator

We have all seen the magnets that “turn” your refrigerator into a Game Boy, but now someone has gone and actually transformed their mini fridge into a giant playable Game Boy.   Danield’Entremont was tired of all the decals and magnets, and took the initiative

When Graphics card boxes had sweet art on them

Do you remember the joy of getting your new graphics card and checking out the sweet art that was basically an example of what your car will be able to achieve? Those were the days, when some of us based our graphics card decision based

Pokemon coffee cup concept

If only this was a real item I could buy, the opportunities would be endless. I would drink Coffee every morning with my significant other. Then we would stack the cups on each other and make an amazing Pokeball, and talk all about how we

Batman Returns… His books to the Library

Some tasks are just way too uninteresting for people to remember. When I checked out books when I was younger I always forgot about returning them. Good thing they never charged us for excessively over due books. I think if I had this sign when

Cruisin’ down the street in my 64

Aww classic Eazy-E song “Cruisin down the street in my 64”. Meets geek culture and retro gaming console, the Nintendo 64. ¬†The mashup features Eazy-E sitting inside the N64. Instead of a 64′ Chevy Impala which is glorious in it’s own right. If you enjoy

Kanye, The Ultimate Cosplayer

Kanye can be a tricky many, with his claims of good music then proceeds to put out bad albums. We all know he does this because he knows it will sell regardless. He is smug and arrogant, but it has to be all part of