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90’s kid or Sad adult?

90’s kid or Sad adult? Many people like to say that 90’s ‘kids’ are simply just sad adults. Always being nostalgic remembering all the great things of their childhood. That statement does makes sense, but if you think about it kids who grew up in the

How to piss off Star Wars and Star Trek fans

I like both series, but not a fanatic in anyway and love to use Star Wars or Star Trek references to both fan bases. I find it hilarious what this store worker has done, commence the butthurt.

Batman Returns… His books to the Library

Some tasks are just way too uninteresting for people to remember. When I checked out books when I was younger I always forgot about returning them. Good thing they never charged us for excessively over due books. I think if I had this sign when

Amazing Majoras Mask Art Replica by Ricardo Xavier

  Artist: Ricardo Xavier Bio: Ricardo is a Puerto Rico based Photographer and Designer. He has be crafting stuff for a very long time. Most recently took his skills in attempts at creating props and replicas of things he is fond of, such as this

Kanye, The Ultimate Cosplayer

Kanye can be a tricky many, with his claims of good music then proceeds to put out bad albums. We all know he does this because he knows it will sell regardless. He is smug and arrogant, but it has to be all part of

Holographic Goku!

If you loved the Goku Lamp then you are going to probably love this amazing Holographic Goku Dragon Ball Z figure. You may not be able actually play with the figure, but you can see Goku’s energy surrounding him as if you toy figure is powering

Professor Gives us a look into Pikachu’s anatomy

Of course Pikachu isn’t real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a an fake anatomy for the little guy. Professor Takashi Oda of Seian University imagined Pikachu’s skeleton for us all to get a look inside one of Pokemon’s most iconic characters. It all

The right way to draw Pikachu!

    One user has a love for Pokemon so great that he has figured out the end all way to draw Pikachu. It is no surprise that Japanese culture is kind of pervy, and the artist figured out the answer to drawing his favorite