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Marty and the Doc travel to the real 2015

We all know about the dreamland that is Back to the futures 2015, the future with hoverboards, poofy jackets and all sorts of stuff that just did not happen. The movies 2015 was just way cooler than ours, that has a Lexus hoverboard, but it

lmbo @ this monkeys

I can’t believe there are places in the world where monkeys just roam around freely like this causing all sorts of mischief.¬†Also that was awesome.

DIY drones are the future

Adam Woodworth is the creator of this sweet Star Wars imperial speeder bike complete with a scout trooper, camera, on a DIY quadcopter. I got into FPV (First Person Video) multi-rotor racing a few months ago. The fast, low level flying instantly reminded me of

R2-D2 as a bird

  The blue Parakeet named Bluey is a pretty cool little bird, and an amazing bird if you are a geeky Star Wars fan. This little birdie does a pretty impressive R2-D2 impression, and has a wide range of R2-D2 sounds which include the chirps,

Adventure time

Adventure time is a pretty awesome show and you want to share what you seen on it with your friends. Some people like it so much that they are ripping it off, and using its character personalities, and art style. Then there is one show

Transformation Tuesday, Frieza!

With a little makeup, you too can become your favorite Dragon Ball Z villain. Check out the step by step video that will surely change the way you cosplay, or just to make an impressive Halloween costume. You can also check out Charlie Short’s YouTube

The drone you’ve been looking for

Time to become Han Solo, now all they need is a death star, some tie fighters, X-wings and the other ships I don’t know the names of and awesomeness will ensue.

Ryu Vs Car

Remember the Street Fighter bonus round where you get to bash in a car? Well this is the real life version of that minus bad ass fire effects, and hadouken’s, but still pretty entertaining to watch.