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Most comfortable man in the world

This funky contraption is called the ostrich pillow and you too can enjoy this much comfort too! Check it out hereĀ and sleep in public with ease.

The future is here, get your mech suit

Diesel driven mech suit that can shoot water bottles and BB’s? Yes please. The Kuratas shoots the BB gatling gun whenever the pilot smiles so that when you inflict the pain onto others you look like a psycho, but it is still ingenious. You can

Game Boy Refrigerator

  Noticed a lot of visitors from Reddit, if you were looking for that exact one in the post I found it here in Magnet form. Now back to my original post.   Your refrigerator is probably boring as hell to look at so why

Awesome Han Solo Shower Curtain

One of the most iconic images from the Star Wars trilogy can now have to pleasure of joining you in your own home. The shower to be exact, don’t worry Han Solo will not watch you in your birthday suit he is frozen in carbonite.