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Cool Pokemon Papercraft

Pokemon Papercraft Aww the art of folding paper, thus dubbed papercraft. It is kind of like with craft, taking an object then crafting it into another. Unlike evil sorcery, this is not evil at all. This is fun, Papercraft is fun when you craft the

Pokemon Merchandise: Pokeball shift knob

Pokeball gear knob for a Poke master Are you a Pokemon master? Then you have to have the Pokeball shift knob. You know, so that people can recognize all your Pokemon glory. The Pokeball shift knob was crafted from durable resin styled in one of the

Pokemon Night lights

Last week was Pokemon’s 20’th anniversary, on that day some of us chose Pokemon Red and Some of us chose Pokemon Blue (blue if you were cool like me because come on Blastoise looked like a badass!). Anyways this Etsy user has made some pretty

Oddish 3D printed Planter

The Pokemon Oddish 3D printer is such a great and unique idea to make your Pokemon come to life, well at least hold a living organism in it. Oddish is made from a high quality ABS plastic finished with some acrylic paint, giving it that

The Real LED Pokeball that lights up and wiggles

Update 3/30/2017 It seems that the creator of the LED Pokeballs in my original post has stopped making them or got banned. Either way there are other users who have created a similar ball that may be just as good. I’ll give you guys a

Bath bomb for geeks – Pokemon Edition

  You know those Lush soap bombs those sexy girls on Instagram are always talking about/ Posting? Well Digitalsoaps on Etsy decided to do the same except for those of us who are sexy and geeky. So turn bath time into playtime by bathing with