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10 Must have Star Wars Force Awakens Toys You have to get

Last week all the new Force Awaken Toys and Geeky products dropped. Many of them being super nostalgic with Micro Machines, LEGOs, and the Furby. If you were in line at the midnight release at some stores you were even able to receive a limited

These are the keys you’re looking for!

Must have set of keys for any Star Wars fan, not official Star Wars gear, but fuck it this is the closes you are gonna get to a lightsaber key until they release it! Get it here  

R2D2 Star Wars Planetarium, but you won’t find no princess

Star Wars Planetarium: R2D2 Nope princess Leia won’t pop out and beg you for some help when you turn on this awesome Star Wars Planetarium. The planetarium features R2D2 as the projector. You know, like in the movies when R2D2 projects Princess Leia for Luke.

The Darkside is Chilling

Boring ice cubes should be a thing of the past. Not only can you have a fancy ice cube for your cold beverage, but you can make Death Star Chocolate truffles, and even soap in the shape of the Death Star. GET IT HERE Specifications Create

Super awesome Star Wars Watches

  You are a huge Star Wars fan, you collect the figures, the lunch boxes, the posters, the VHS, DVD’s, blue rays etc. So why not expand your collection for every day use. I can guarntee you that these watches will start conversation, just look

May the light be with you.

  If you stumbled across this you may be a Star Wars fan. What better way to celebrate your fandom than with a lightsaber night light? You can find them here