Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Take on Ganon once again in a game of strategy. You may have played chess a million times before, but never with the purpose of putting Ganon into checkmate on a checkered board. This is a collectors edition chess set which includes 32 custom sculpted game pieces. The pieces feature characters from the Legend of Zelda universe. So put your wits to the test in a little match of good VS evil.

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Legend of Zelda Chess Set

The Legend of Zelda chess set


  • Hero pieces are headed by Link and Zelda is Queen. While Impa, Epona, and Darunia are Biships, Knights, Rooks, and Navi as the pawns.
  • Ganondorf leads the dark team, and the sorceress sisters as the dark queen. Followed by Iron knuckle, Phantom, Amos as Biships, Knights, Rooks, and Deku scrub as the pawns.
  • Premium packaging with magnetic front closure.

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