Nintendo Switch’s Marketing is Weird

Nintendo Switch, get away from reality in the real world?

You have probably seen the Nintendo Switch preview trailer already, but if you haven’t seen it, take a minute and watch it above.

Throughout that Nintendo Switch preview you notice that people are playing their switch. They are really enjoying it, then they get up and go outside to play their switch. Okay, I get it, they are letting us know that the game is mobile, but why would anyone head out to the park and play games?

Then there is another scene in the preview where some friends are playing some basketball and having a great time, then they finish their game. Then they head over to a Nintendo switch to play some more basketball virtually. If i’m playing real basketball why would I want to play video games at a basketball court. Given I won’t be as good as my virtual counterpart, but I get to play and get my in real life basketball skills up. Now you might be thinking “maybe they are playing between games”. No a NBA video game would take way to long to play through before it is your turn to play real basketball again. Pick up basketball games don’t usually last too long as most games are first to 15. While the video game can take up to 40 min or so depending on how many minutes you set the quarters to.

This picture

Nintendo Switch's Marketing is Weird

Why does every player have a separate screen on their Nintendo Switch and the game is still split screen. We only see four players in the picture, but maybe it is for a 16 player split-screen and these guys are just hogging the viewing area. Obviously this isn’t an official game photo, and it is just Nintendo just showing off what you can be doing with your Nintendo Switch. To be fair though, I would not put this pass Nintendo for making this mistake of having split- screen on every monitor, but time will tell. Just thought this photo was silly.

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