Pokemon 3d printed coasters

Pokemon 3D Printed Coasters

Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, one of these little guys have to be your favorite Pokemon starter.  Or maybe you like them all. Either way these 3D printed coasters were designed after all four of the iconic characters. This features the Pokemon on their belly with

The Legend of Zelda chess set

Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Take on Ganon once again in a game of strategy. You may have played chess a million times before, but never with the purpose of putting Ganon into checkmate on a checkered board. This is a collectors edition chess set which includes 32 custom sculpted

Legend of Zelda Key Holder - homemade

Legend of Zelda Key Holder – homemade

This is a custom homemade Legend of Zelda Key holder, and it is quite magnificent.  If losing you keys is something that plagues you. Store your keys in style, Zeld style that is. You can place this awesome little plaque key holder right next to

Bowser koopa baby carrier cover

Bowser Koopa Baby Carrier Cover

King Bowser Koopa has the most iconic shell in the Mario franchise. He has a shell that will set fear into a young Italian plumbers. His shell is now available to protect your baby thanks to NaturallyCraftyShop, and their creative baby carrier cover.  So protect

Crochet magikarp pokemon hat

Magikarp Crochet Pokemon Hat

I remember I used to get upset when I played Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy Color. When a Magikarp would pop up when I was fishing. I had no use for this floppy Pokemon and its splash attack. Even though Magikarp was not sought

Pokemon butt coasters

Pokemon Butt Coasters

Your mamma probably told you to put down a coaster when you set it on the table. If not then you are lucky, but not so lucky because then you won’t find a need for these coasters. Pokemon butt coasters that feature your favorite Pokemon

Dragon ball wedding ring

Dragon Ball Z Ring

Buyer beware, if you posses this Dragon ball wedding ring you may or may not have a young Saiyan knocking at your door. All kidding aside this Dragon ball  wedding ring is the bees knees among geeky rings.  The Dragon ball on the rings are

is a mechanical keyboard worth it

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

TLDR Yes, yes it is, but keep reading to see my opinion on knock off mechanical keyboards. Now there is nothing wrong with a membrane keyboard. It does the job, doing its inputs and other keyboard needs. Although, the world of typing on a mechanical

Pokemon Pikachu Nest Terrarium

Pikachu Nest Terrarium

Well of course a Pikachu nest would be super cute. Just look at these baby Pikachu’s enjoying their natural habitat. You were thrilled the first time you crossed path with a Pikachu in Pokemon Red and Blue. Then again in your adult life when you