Pokemon Trainer Problems

  You would think after many years and many games since Pokemon Red and Blue that some things in the pokeverse would make more sense. Even though you know your beloved Pokemon world is fake sometimes the geek in you just wants things to be

The right way to draw Pikachu!

    One user has a love for Pokemon so great that he has figured out the end all way to draw Pikachu. It is no surprise that Japanese culture is kind of pervy, and the artist figured out the answer to drawing his favorite

Must Have Star Wars Wine and Cheese Accessories

MW Gaiss is a sculptor and stop-motion animator living right outside Manhattan in Kings Park Long Island. He lives with his wife Tara, daughter Madison Joan, son Oliver and Norwegian forest cat Maynard. Clientele: The Jim Henson Co., Bill Plympton, Magic Hat Breweries, Vamp Productions,

Your Face on Drugs

  Darth Vaders face before and after Meth.   The new Star Wars Force Awakens trailer for those who have yet to see it, or just want to watch it again.

Hyperkin iPhone Game Boy Cartridge Case

Hyperkin is the maker of the awesome RetroN 5 Game Console, pulled a pretty sweet April fools day prank. There are tons of gaming emulators out there for your PC, the “Smart Boy” will actually let you play old Nintendo Game cartridges on your iPhone.

Collection of The Simpsons Tattoos

The Simpsons have been around for many seasons, so it is no surprise that they have a bunch of dedicated fans. Most started out as kids watching funny stuff happen on the mean streets of Springfield. As the fans grew they took a more ‘adult’

Octopus Hair extensions

This octopus hair piece kind of reminds me of the Futurama brain slug, but it is kind of awesome. I don’t know how I would feel if I was dating a girl with it, but I guess it would be kind of cool to see

Super Chop Bros. NES Cartridge cutting board

So you got all your 1-up, growth shrooms in the real world. Now it is time to start chopping them up to toss them onto your next pizza masterpiece. You can’t just use any plain ol’ cutting board, you have to get this awesome geeky

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Mmmm Millennium Falcon Pizza

Twitter user Nerdy With Children says it is pizza night, and a standard pizza just does not cut it. So they made a few pizza design modifications and this pizza can make the Kessel Run in just 3,000 calories.