Octopus Hair extensions

This octopus hair piece kind of reminds me of the Futurama brain slug, but it is kind of awesome. I don’t know how I would feel if I was dating a girl with it, but I guess it would be kind of cool to see

Super Chop Bros. NES Cartridge cutting board

So you got all your 1-up, growth shrooms in the real world. Now it is time to start chopping them up to toss them onto your next pizza masterpiece. You can’t just use any plain ol’ cutting board, you have to get this awesome geeky

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Mmmm Millennium Falcon Pizza

Twitter user Nerdy With Children says it is pizza night, and a standard pizza just does not cut it. So they made a few pizza design modifications and this pizza can make the Kessel Run in just 3,000 calories.

Cool cartoon like backpacks

Anime lovers, or just someone looking to make their lives a little toonier. Usually this statement would mean buying a shirt or item with your favorite anime character on it, but this line of backpacks are closer to looking like something straight out of a

“Nintoaster” Nintendo Toaster Console

  Jarno Kotavuopio is the maker of the custom Nintendo consoles. He has made two of them in the toaster form, which includes this masterpiece. It features polished chrome, internal lights, buttons that glow and if completely function for gaming.   He even has cartridges

The perfect ring for a Doctor Who fan

The Geeky Doctor Who for the love of your life Love is always painted with red roses and shiny diamond rings, but what if you are a geek? Then plain mainstream items are not for you. You will need something of the geeky variety, a

The Darkside is Chilling

Boring ice cubes should be a thing of the past. Not only can you have a fancy ice cube for your cold beverage, but you can make Death Star Chocolate truffles, and even soap in the shape of the Death Star. GET IT HERE Specifications Create