Mini Bruce Lee Some kids make sweet drawings, or have some sweet dance moves, but this child will put some Asian stereotype and fear into other kids his age. He can reenact Bruce Lees nun-chuck skills, hopefully the parents let him bring the chucks to school so

The future is here, get your mech suit

Diesel driven mech suit that can shoot water bottles and BB’s? Yes please. The Kuratas shoots the BB gatling gun whenever the pilot smiles so that when you inflict the pain onto others you look like a psycho, but it is still ingenious. You can

The Power Glove Used to make Robot Chicken

The glove was modified with bluetooth to help control some stop-motion animation. The glove was originally made for the NES, but I think this mod is way more functional than its gaming abilities, and no better use for some classic Nintendo gear!

Geeky Girls Instagram Dump 2

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Dream-Like photography in a tiny studio

JeeYoung Lee has an imagination that runs wild and it all fits in a 3 x 6 meter studio in Seoul, Korea. None of her work relies on photo manipulation  and all of the photos you see here are made props. She essentially is just