The Power Glove Used to make Robot Chicken

The glove was modified with bluetooth to help control some stop-motion animation. The glove was originally made for the NES, but I think this mod is way more functional than its gaming abilities, and no better use for some classic Nintendo gear!

Geeky Girls Instagram Dump 2

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Dream-Like photography in a tiny studio

JeeYoung Lee has an imagination that runs wild and it all fits in a 3 x 6 meter studio in Seoul, Korea. None of her work relies on photo manipulation  and all of the photos you see here are made props. She essentially is just

Game Boy Refrigerator

  Noticed a lot of visitors from Reddit, if you were looking for that exact one in the post I found it here in Magnet form. Now back to my original post.   Your refrigerator is probably boring as hell to look at so why

Art so good you could eat

  A Russian photographer named Tatiana Shkondina arranged some scrumptious food to mimic some classic paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali. The pictures are just so good I hope the creator ate them when done.   sauce [ Tatiana Shkoundina ]

Awesome Han Solo Shower Curtain

One of the most iconic images from the Star Wars trilogy can now have to pleasure of joining you in your own home. The shower to be exact, don’t worry Han Solo will not watch you in your birthday suit he is frozen in carbonite.