Resident Evil 7 Gets New DLC

I think I’m ready to call it game of the year…. in January.

Fun for the Whole Family … of Zombies

For all of those that are living under a rock, Resident Evil 7 has dropped a week ago and it is by far the best game of 2017. I know, pretty bold of me to call it that one week into January. Trust me, this game delivers all around.

If you are a fan of horror games, this is a must. No if, ands, or buts. The atmosphere of the game is amazing. The Southern Horror theme, a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is played out in the eerie swamps of Louisiana. The Baker family is demented and perfect in their horror. Most of the game plays like a mix of a slasher movie and a Saw movie. You find yourself running from different members of the Baker family while trying to figure out their house of horrors.

I think the story itself played out pretty well. I followed along most of the paths that I thought it would for a Resident Evil series. The only part of the story I didn’t like was a rather weak choice you have to make later in the game. Overall, the choice doesn’t really affect the whole game which really takes the wind out of the choice’s sails.

Resident Evil 7 DLC For Days

Yes, there is DLC for this game. For all those moaning, the first DLC is already out and it is far from dinky. Yes, it is $9.99 and yea, I would agree that if you release DLC a week after the game comes out, it should have just been with the game. With that in mind, the DLC is awesome. The DLC is named, the Banned Footage. For those that have played the game, you already know about the VHS tapes. For those who haven’t, flashbacks are done by finding the VHS tapes. You take control of whoever is in the VHS at the time. Hence the name ‘Banned Footage’.

As you might have guessed, you’re not the first victim to fly into the Baker family’s trap. The first DLC has you playing as one of those victims in are crazy good puzzle. Some have even praised it as the best in Resident Evil history. Along with more of the footage, you get some great new gameplay modes, Nightmare and Ethan Must Die (hint: you’re Ethan).  Nightmare has you trapped in the house basement fighting waves of enemies. You can buy upgrades, traps, and weapons. It’s pretty much RE7’s Horde mode. Ethan Must Die is just a cruel, cruel version of the main game. Everything is a one hit kill. You only start with a knife, and all items are randomized throughout the house. Basically, you’re fucked. But how far fucked are you? Idk if that makes sense but you know what I mean.

What’s on the DLC Horizon? Don’t miss out, get the season pass!!

There has been a lot of story lines left from the actual game and some opened up in the Banned Footage. Hopefully, we get everything tied up by the final DLC. I’d hate for them to leave one open for later games because, well, I’ve become to attached to the story. I gots to know how it ends man. TELL ME!

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