The indestructible rugged notebook you have been looking for

Are you clumsy like me, do you constantly drop things… like your laptop? Or maybe the geek in your life can’t take care of their laptop for the life of them. Well Panasonic has got the perfect laptop for you.indestructible laptop 5

The rugged laptop sports a Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 / 1.2 GHz and can have up to 4G Ram. Which is a decent setup for working and browsing the web.

Although the stats are not the best, you are paying for the indestructible laptop which can withstand the elements. Just imagine yourself out in the rain or in the swimming pool working on excel files. What if you had a fight with your girlfriend, and she wants to hurt you by hurting your stuff? She will be in for a surprise when she tosses the rugged laptop out the second story window thinking that it is destroyed and it will be perfectly fine laying on the grass or concrete.

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