This is not a hoverboard


Those damn scooters have been around a bit longer on the internet than in the home, but they finally blew up (figuratively and literally) mid-late 2015 to the general public especially now that Christmas has passed. Yeah there is not much I can do to stop people from buying ‘hoverboards’, but the least we can do is not call them hoverboards and at the very least call them scooters.But if you have to get one buy it here.

Either way I still think the product is dumb and just another step towards the life of idiocracy (yes, I’m referring to the movie), and it does not help that dumb ass words like Fleek are now in the dictionary. What is next, are they going to change the definition to the word hover to “Device that rolls on the ground on two wheels, and is equipped with self balancing”?


Or you know what maybe we can take these scooters as a indicator to spot the moron and embrace it for letting us know who we don’t want to be around.

This-is-not-a-hoverboard and fleek is a word

2 thoughts on “This is not a hoverboard”

  1. Ibmail says:

    Wow these things are $500? No thanks, I can already look like a dumbass without spending five hundred bucks for the privilege. Still, it looks like Amazon sellers are having a hard time defining what to call this thing too. I quote one product description from the link above,

    “Anhell Bluetooth Hover Boost, Airboard Scooter, Hoverboard Two Wheel elf Balancing Scooters Electric Scooter Drifting Board with LED Light and Bluetooth Music.”

    Two wheel elf balancing scooter?

    Hoping that was meant to be Self Balancing… but you never know, it might be balanced by invisible elves.

    1. Geektak says:

      Elf since you know, people want them for Christmas?

      We can thank the distributor who gave these things to Vine “Stars”. Everyone will regret the buy as soon as theirs catches fire

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