10 Geeky Stocking stuffers

Great Geeky stocking stuffer Ideas

Looking for some cool geeky last minute stocking stuffers for Christmas? Well I have compiled some pretty sweet items that can be stuffed in your geeks stocking this year. Shoot, you might even find something you want to splurge on for yourself this year.  Whatever it may be there is a little something for everyone. You can even use some of these items as gag gifts if you really want. Like you can buy the Star Trek socks for a diehard Star Wars fan and get your holiday troll on.

  1. Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Beer Stein – Remember that moment when the Colossal Titan broke through Wall Maria. Well you can remember it every time you take a sip from this stein.
  2. Dragon Ball Z eye mask – Sleep like a Super Saiyan, I know you seen Goku take some pretty gnarly naps throughout the series. You can’t go wrong with Dragon Ball Z gifts.
  3. Pokemon Keyring Hanger – Chose you keys wisely because you don’t want to accidentally take out moms mini van. This is probably one of the coolest key holder I have seen in a long time.
  4. Pokeball Weed grinder – to celebrate the legalization of we in your state.
  5. Gudetama Night Light – I know that a lot of you seen this weird little egg, if you haven’t here is a link to some YouTube Videos.  This would make a pretty funny WTF gift for those who have no idea what Gudetama is, and it would make a neat gift for those who love the little egg.
  6. Kirby bath mat/rug – Kirby is here to suck up all your dirt or water in rug form.
  7. Crochet NES Cartridges – Have a retro gaming enthusiast in your life, well they probably do not have these cartridges.
  8. Mega Man Keychain
  9. Manga Necklace Pendants (check out their inventory, they have more than just bleach)
  10. Star Trek TNG Socks – socks usually suck as a gift but geeky ones can be pretty awesome

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