10 Weird Star Wars Merchandise Any Geek will Love

Weird Star Wars Merchandise

As a Star Wars fan, I love having weird Star Wars merchandise that make my friends react. Especially the reaction from the ones who are more hardcore than me. So I compiled a list of weird Star Wars merchandise I would like to own in the future. These will be great for yourself or a great gifts for geeks who love Star Wars.

Reflect the sun in style, the Star Wars sun shade.

Imagine walking up to your car and seeing Luke, Han, Chewie, and Obi-wan. Just staring at you reflecting that sun, but bringing that smile to your face. Check it out here.

Weird Star Wars Merchandise sun shade

Chewbatha, the Chewbacca bath bomb.

Never thought I would see a Star Wars bath bomb in this variety. I don’t know if I would personally try it but maybe it would be great for someone who I know enjoys bath bombs and Star Wars. Check it out hereWeird Star Wars Merchandise chewbacca star wars bath bomb

Matt the Radar technician motivational poster.

Stick this Matt the radar tech poster in your room and wake up motivated every day. Thank you Adam Driver. Check it out here

Weird Star Wars Merchandise matt the radar technician

Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh – The Chewbacca  seat belt cover

What is more protective than a giant wookiee? This Chewbacca  seat belt cover will protect you on your commute to work or the grocery store. Think of yourself as a young Han Solo…well before Star Wars The force Awakens. You can check out this item here

Weird Star Wars Merchandise Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

Millennium Falcon planter

Your plants will grow  in less than twelve parsecs. This lovely Star Wars planter was made by AnsonDesign. Check it out hereWeird Star Wars Merchandisemillennium falcon planter

Darth Vader waking an AT-AT bookends.

This one is quite a weird concept, but I do love AT-AT’s and Rogue One has brought me new love for the ruthless Darth Vader. This item was created by etsy user MokuShop. Check it out hereWeird Star Wars Merchandise darth vader walking an AT-AT bookend

Darth Vader Oven Mitt

Ripping your enemies apart or pulling out hot items from the oven. The Darth Vader oven mitt can be used for many things like choking an insubordinate piece of food that lacks faith in you. Check it out here

Weird Star Wars Merchandise darth vader oven mitt

Star Wars Bow Tie

I never been a bow tie guy, but this Star Wars bow time is making me think twice about that. Check it out hereWeird Star Wars Merchandise Bow tie

Princess Leia Newborn baby hat

Get the kiddo hooked earlier with this knitted newborn hat. Plus it would probably make you chuckle a little bit when you see it. Created by etsy user Briellshoppe. Check it out here.Weird Star Wars Merchandise princess leia baby hat

Chewbacca Slippers with toes and sound!

It’s always been my dream to have feet like Chewie, can you blame me , the beast is sexy. Check them out here from Think GeekWeird Star Wars Merchandise Chewbacca toe slippersWeird Star Wars Merchandise Chewbacca toe slippers

If you know of any other weird Star Wars merchandise let me know in the comments below.

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