12 Nintendo inspired home decor


Game Boy mug – Get it here!Nintendo inspired home decor - Game Boy mugNintendo inspired home decor

Gaming culture is usually associated with being a geek, nerd, outcast, gamer.Although if you fit into this category you consider yourself normal, and the things you do are just apart of everyday life. Active gamer or not some of these designs are bound to trigger some nostalgia. These items incorporate the classic Nintendo gaming consoles, that will make anyone embrace their inner geek. These items can spice up your home and give you that childhood nostalgia that you have been burning for. Or if you are a giving person these Nintendo decor would make great gifts geeks will love and cherish for a long time.

NES Bed Sheet set

It was available on Etsy, but seem like it was a limited run. Hopefully someone will recreate this NES  bed set.
Nintendo inspired home decor - NES bed sheets set

NES Controller rug – another one off item by Etsy member WTCrafts
Nintendo inspired home decor - NES controller rug

NES Soap  because clean gaming is safe cleaning. Available hereNintendo inspired home decor - NES soap

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NES Toaster is a super sweet retrofit toaster, that should inspire you to want to make awesome devices for yourself. More InfoNintendo inspired home decor - NES toasterThe Nintendo Super Mario Thwomp pillow

The thwomp always scared me as a kid. It always gave me a little anxiety when I had to run past them.

NES pillow controller by Lucy SparrowNintendo inspired home decor - Nintendo NES controller pillow

Pacman ghost coffee table – By Masters Of FateNintendo inspired home decor - Pacman ghost coffee table

Pipe mug and Coin block coaster – Available HereNintendo inspired home decor - Pipe mug and coaster

Retro Video game vinyl stickers – Available HereHereHereHereNintendo inspired home decor - Retro game wall vinyl stickers

Super Mario Question block – Available HereNintendo inspired home decor - Super mario coin block lamp

Super Mario filing cabinet  – One off
Nintendo inspired home decor - Super Mario filing cabinets

Bonus: Tetris chair – Designed by  Gabriel CañasNintendo inspired home decor - Tetris chair

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