Are you a 2022 – 2023 VB WRX owner wondering if you can upgrade to a full-sized spare tire? The answer is a resounding yes! Upgrading from the standard tire inflation kit to a full-sized spare tire offers better preparedness for emergencies like a full blowout. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make this upgrade, keeping your WRX ready for any roadside situation.

Fitting a Full-Sized Spare in Your VB WRX

Most VB WRX owners aren’t aware that their vehicle’s wheel well is still designed to accommodate a full-sized spare tire. This means you can opt for a full-sized spare over a donut without sacrificing trunk space or vehicle aesthetics. I successfully fitted a wheel from the previous generation VA WRX, which is very similar to the VB’s wheel, with the same sized tire.

Selecting the Right Wheel and Tire

Choosing the right spare tire is crucial. In my experience, a 17-inch wheel works perfectly, maintaining the same rolling diameter as the standard 18-inch. This ensures your spare tire fits seamlessly in the wheel well without any modifications. Subaru provides specific support for the bolt part (97047FG000, 901720002), a standard feature in all cars.

Trunk Space and Organization

With a full-sized spare, your previous foam pieces for trunk organization won’t fit anymore. To maintain a clean and leveled trunk space, you’ll need the foam insert for tools like the jack. These inserts, along with the floor jack, bolt, floor jack bracket, and jack holder, are available for purchase on the Subaru website, ensuring your trunk remains tidy and functional.


Upgrading to a full-sized spare tire in your 2022 – 2023 VB WRX is not only feasible but also a wise decision for any serious driver. It ensures you’re prepared for emergencies without compromising on space or vehicle functionality.

Additional Resources

Center foam piece
Part Number: 95086FL210

Floor Jack Bolt. Floor Jack Bracket. Jack Holder.
Part Number: 97035FJ050

Spare tire washer
Part Number: 97047FG000

Bolt Spare Tire. Spare Tire Washer. Holder Spare Tire
Part Number: 901720002

For more detailed information, including links to the necessary parts and accessories, check out the video description of my YouTube guide on upgrading your VB WRX with a full-sized spare tire.

Remember, safety and preparedness should always be a top priority for any vehicle owner. By following this guide, you can upgrade your WRX with confidence and ease.

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