3D Printed Fortnite props that you can buy

Fortnite is seemingly the most played game at the moment. Some say it will be a fad that will die out. Then others are investing their time into becoming Fortnite gaming legends. You, you are probably trying to cosplay a Fortnite character  and that is why you are here. You’re to lazy to create your own Legendary Scar or Rust lord helmet. And that is okay by me, that stuff is difficult to make and very time consuming. So why not spend some money on the item already created??

Legendary 3D Printed Fortnite Scar – Buy here

The Scar in Fortnite is probably the best AR in the game, even though the game is shotgun heavy and favors the shotgun a lot more. The scar is still a lot cooler in my opinion.

3D Fortnite props that you can buy Legendary Scar

3D printed Fortnite jump pad – Buy here

Now the jump pad is as small as coaster, but it’s still cool. Can you use it for a cosplay, possibly. Maybe you can ask the printer to print you a larger one, but it will cost you. Either way this jump pad would make a great coaster.

3D Fortnite props that you can buy Jump pad

Fortnite Flamingo Pickaxe – Buy Me

42 inches of pure flamingo axe, what more can a Fortnite lover ask for?

3D Fortnite props that you can buy Flamingo pickaxe

3D printed Tactical SMG – Buy me

More weapons, specifically the tactical SMG from Fortnite. It’s an alright gun, I’ll only pick it up if it is purple though.

3D Fortnite props that you can buy Tactical SMG

3D printed Chug Jug – Buy me

A Chug jug you can actually chug. Pop in that soda can and chug away. I cannot guarantee you that you will regain some health and shields though.

3D Fortnite props that you can buy Chug jug

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