Is 4k Gaming Worth it

Is 4k Gaming Worth itSo is 4k Gaming worth if for you?

If you are here you are probably looking into upgrading your aged 4-5 year old gaming computer. The gaming hype as of right now is 4k gaming and of course VR gaming, but let’s stay on topic. Thanks to NVidia and AMD 4K gaming has become doable with their latest set of graphics card that are capable of playing games in 4k. Thus making it worthwhile to check out 4k gaming setups with eye watering crispy high resolutions, but is 4k gaming worth it?

Pricey Upgrades

First of all if you are looking into saving money for this is probably not the best route to be taking. The GTX 1080’s will run your around $600  and the GTX Titan x Pascal $1500 (price varying among different card brands). This doesn’t even take into account how much you will be spending on the rest of your setup. Plus you will have to upgrade to 4K monitors which can get quite pricey at $300 – $1500  a monitor. So imagine how much you will be spending if you like to run 2-3 monitors.

Will you personally notice the difference?

I got to game on a 4k monitor for a couple weeks, then switched back to my $150 (each) dual screen 1080p setup to see how much of a difference 4k made.

Personally 4k gameply didn’t feel any better and I was still having the same amount of fun on the cheaper setup. This may be due to my enjoyment of game-play being more important that graphics, or that the games were just too fast pace for me to notice. Don’t get me wrong graphics are freaking sweet and sometimes it is cool to sit their and enjoy the scenery, but could I personally spend nearly $1000 on a 4k Acer Predator monitor where I wasn’t really noticing the difference? The answer is no, no I would not and I would frankly feel kind of dissapointed in myself for buying one (although I will take it for sponsorships wink wink).

When will it be worth buying a 4k monitor for gaming?

Well the real answer is when they cost as much as 1080p monitors currently do. Technology moves quite fast as we all know and the price of 4k monitors by next year will probably drop to a fraction of the 1k pricetags. By then we will probably be at 8k gaming and so on and so forth, but for me 1080p is more than enough at this very moment, and it is probably more than enough for you. Although by all means if you have the money to spend of a 4K setup, you should do it because you will at least be somewhat future proof for quite a while.

Conclusion: Is 4k gaming worth it?

As with most electronics decisions it comes down to your needs vs your wants. Do you need 4k eye blistering gaming visuals? Probably not. Do you want 4k gaming? You probably do, but in the end you need to figure out if you can justify dropping loads of money on a 4k gaming setup. For me personally I can do fine with a 1080p setup and throw my money at some video games. That’s my answer to 4k gaming being worth it, but that is because I am broke. If I had the expendable income I’d buy all the stuff I talked about in this post without a second thought. I hoped this helped you decide on buying or not buying a 4k setup best of luck. I’ll be over here playing my maxed out 60FPS 1080p games.

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