5 Geeky Retro Gaming lamps

Sweet Gaming Lamps

I am not much of a retro game collector as I only have the games that I had as a child and nothing much more than that. Although I  would also like to own some of these creative gaming lamps that are made from actual retro game consoles. Obviously these consoles are not going to work, but it would be pretty sweet if they did. They have been re-purposed to be aesthetically pleasing and great additions to your man cave. Or a great gift a geek will love for any special occasion.

So I have compiled my picks of awesome handmade retro gaming lamps below. If you want to see more variety of lamps and retro items click here.

NES Zapper Lamp5 Geeky retro gaming lamps NES zapper

5 Geeky retro gaming lamps SNES lamp

Sega Genesis 5-geeky-retro-gaming-lamps-sega-genesisSega Dreamcast

5-geeky-retro-gaming-lamps-sega-dreamcastNES lamp


If you have seen any other notable gaming lamps, leave it in the comments below.

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