Geeky Valentine’s Day cards

Geeky Valentine’s day cards for your geek love

The mainstream media always depicts valentines day for a normal couple, but what if you are a geeky couple. What if you don’t care about roses, and diamond rings, lame hearts and stuff covered in pink and red? Then normal store bought valentine’s day cards will not do you any good. You need something more interesting and different and that shows off your geeky character. That is why you need to check out these geeky valentine’s day cards made by a geek that will give you the geeky flare that your Valentine’s day.

Star Wars “Baby Yoda” Valentine’s day cardbaby yoda valentines day card

Keanu Reeves “Breathtaking!” Valentine’s Day card

Keanu Reeves breathtaking valentines day card

Bulma and Vegeta “I love you, Just Saiyan” Valentine’s day cardBulma and vegeta i love you just saiyan valentines day card

Snorlax I love you even though you snore Valentine’s day card

Snorlax pokemon I love you even though you snore valentines day card

“We are Groot together” Marvel Valentine’s day card

Geeky Valentine's Day cards marvel groot

The Witcher Valentine’s day card

the witcher valentines day card

These were just some of my favorite that I have found from the creator PlayerNo2 on etsy, but there are plenty of more varieties on her page and all around etsy. I recommenced that you go check it out and find something that will suit your geeky Valentine’s day needs.

Pictures from PlayerNo2 on etsy