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Successful Social Media for Cosplayers

First off, you need to evaluate what you are trying to do. Are you trying to make some money off of cosplay or is it purely for hobby? If it is just a hobby then you don’t really need a dedicated Facebook page, website, or

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When you cosplay as a Sega Saturn

Most of my consoles from my childhood either broke or are just currently collecting dust. This guy probably had a old broken Sega Saturn, that was nothing more than a Nostalgia dust collector so why not make it into a costume and probably out cosplay

Kanye, The Ultimate Cosplayer

Kanye can be a tricky many, with his claims of good music then proceeds to put out bad albums. We all know he does this because he knows it will sell regardless. He is smug and arrogant, but it has to be all part of

Cosplay celty helmet

Durarara!! Celty Helmet

Celty Helmet Cosplay Prop Celty Sturluson aka The Black Rider or Headless Rider from the anime Durarara. She wears a helmet when she goes out. It is quite an eye catching motorcycle helmet. The Celty helmet looks like a cat, and conceals Celty’s lack of

How to succeed on Instagram

How to succeed on Instagram I don’t know the industry standard of what would be considered a success on Instagram. Although I feel like I have succeeded on Instagram and continue to grow daily. Some people succeed with the latest and often reposted memes, some

Cool Pokemon Papercraft

Pokemon Papercraft Aww the art of folding paper, thus dubbed papercraft. It is kind of like with craft, taking an object then crafting it into another. Unlike evil sorcery, this is not evil at all. This is fun, Papercraft is fun when you craft the