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The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019

Chose Your Weapons! (gaming keyboards) If you are a PC gamer then you know that a nice mechanical Keyboard is an essential for a great gaming experience. And if you are a newbie coming from a membrane keyboard, you need to convert to mechanical right

is a mechanical keyboard worth it

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It?

TLDR Yes, yes it is, but keep reading to see my opinion on knock off mechanical keyboards. Now there is nothing wrong with a membrane keyboard. It does the job, doing its inputs and other keyboard needs. Although, the world of typing on a mechanical

Keyboard Mods: Pokemon Keyboard

Pokemon Keyboard stickers If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan then you are probably always looking for ways to mod Pokemon into your life. The Pokemon keyboard stickers can set you apart. They take your average looking boring computer keyboard and add your favorite characters to

Geeky Keyboard Christmas tree

Awwwe the covenant PC master race Christmas tree. This tree is a rare beauty featuring expensive mechanical keyboards and with RBG color ranges. You might say why would anyone want a Christmas tree made from keyboards. Well if you’re thinking that way I wouldn’t want

Rainbow Light up Mechanical Keyboard

Still gaming on that ergonomic Keyboard that feels kind of spongy when you press the keys? Why haven’t you upgraded to a mechanical keyboard yet, they feel awesome and you will start to love that sound that the mechanical keyboard makes, and now you are

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Streaming Setup

IRL Stream backpack A Beginners Guide to streaming This guide is to help you get into online streaming. It could be a video game stream, IRL stream, IRL on the Go stream, Creative stream, or helping you get started on the basics to start your

How to become a streamer dr disrespect and amouranth

How to Become a Streamer

So you want to become a video game streamer? You might think that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough for broadcasting, or not funny enough. Well lucky for you none of the f*cken matters. You really only need one of those skills and the