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Engravers dungeon wood engraved posters Star Wars

When I think of geek culture, wood working isn’t really ever thought of. When you give geeks a laser engraver and a stack of high quality pine wood. You get yourself Engravers Dungeon and wood posters. Their product immediately won me over when I first saw them. I told myself that I had to have one of their pieces of geek art in my geek cave.

Their process starts from picking out the wood drawing up the design, then treating it with the secret sauce that gives the wood a very unique look and protective finish to last you a long time. If you are interested you can see the actual process here.

The wood posters can cost up to €139 ($152) for the larger poster and €75 ($82) for the smaller ones which is rightfully so because they are extremely detailed and awesome proving that wood has more use than barricading yourself from a zombie, or driving a stake through a vampire’s heart.

Wood Posters

Engravers dungeon wood engraved posters The Walking dead

If you are in the US don’t let that Euro sign scare you, you can still make that purchase on Etsy or on their site Engravers dungeon it will just take an extra week. The extra week is totally worth it to have one of these wood posters!

For higher quality pics check out their site
To keep up with the latest products follow them on Instagram.
Engravers dungeon wood engraved posters breaking bad

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