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Budget Live Stream Mic setup

Audio when live streaming and talking to an audience is fairly important. You don’t necessarily need great audio at the beginning of your streaming career because nobody will be watching. But we can argue that you should have some decent audio because someone might see

IRL Stream backpack

When you start getting more serious about IRL streaming. It may be time to look into upgrading your setup to something more powerful and convenient in. This is in the form of a stream backpack.  A IRL stream backpack that is already made and setup


The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019

Chose Your Weapons! (gaming keyboards) If you are a PC gamer then you know that a nice mechanical Keyboard is an essential for a great gaming experience. And if you are a newbie coming from a membrane keyboard, you need to convert to mechanical right

DIY Elgato Key Light Alternative

Have the fancy Elgato Key Light panels caught your eye? But you are a streamer on a budget, and don’t mind sacrificing some convenience for saved expenses? IMO it is a bit ridiculous to pay $200 for a 2500 lumen light setup. Of course you

Did Call of Duty Black Ops kill PUBG Fortnite

Did Call of Duty Black Ops kill PUBG/ Fortnite?

Background Playerunkowns Battlegrounds, was the hottest shooter to come out in the past couple years. It was a new genre of shooter, the battle royale genre. Yes there was H1Z1, but PUBG was the first “realistic” styled battle royale and it took off like a

Is Facebook Gaming worth it

Is Facebook Gaming a good streaming platform

Twitch live game streaming has become super popular in the last year. Becoming a household product thanks to Fortnite and Ninja popularizing the platform. It was popular before the Fortnite explosion, but it is just known now with Ninja’s humble brags on news outlets to