Beerus God of Destruction Dragon Ball Z Artwork

Dragon Ball Z Artwork: Beerus

Beerus another massively strong character that Goku has to go up against. If you haven’t noticed in their first meeting, Beerus has a anger problem. He destroys planets because of little things that set him off. He destroyed King Kai’s little planet after losing a simple game. Remember Old Kai? The Kai that was put inside a Z sword. Well Beerus was the on who put him there after they had an argument. ┬áThe list of things Beerus has done because of his short temper can go on and on.

Enough about Beerus’s temper. This Painting features the size of A4. It’s a portrait of Beerus with an orange gradient star background. I advise that you purchase this because Beerus might destroy your home. You know that short temper we were talking about. Don’t go against the god of Destruction, you might be able to get away from his temper by checking out these other pieces of Dragon Ball Z artwork. I wouldn’t chance it though, Check out Beerus’s painting here
Beerus god of destruction dragon ball z artwork

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