Budget Live Stream Mic setup

Audio when live streaming and talking to an audience is fairly important. You don’t necessarily need great audio at the beginning of your streaming career because nobody will be watching. But we can argue that you should have some decent audio because someone might see you.

You can achieve this by buying a decent XLR mic setup that is fairly cheap and easy to put together.

When you match this setup with Voicemeeter banana you can have one hell of a setup. This is the setup I personally use and have loved it way more than the gaming headset audio that I use to use before.

Fair warning though. Setting up Voicemeeter is quite annoying, and you need to remember a few key things when doing it. It is well documented on YouTube though and you want have a hard time finding an answer to your issue or even setting up the audio program. You will be completely fine as long as you follow and understand the instructions in the video given.

I will just link you this video I used to setup my Voicemeeter as there is no need for me to make another redundant guide for that.

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