Why you should buy the NES Classic Over the Raspberry Pie NES

Why you should buy the NES Classic Over the Raspberry Pie NESNES vs NES Pi

The Raspberry Pi NES will obviously be a better console. It’s better because it is a homebrew, and has endless possibilities. Possibilities such as downloading any game that you want then 3D printing that game it’s own cartridge. You can probably also surf the internet with the Raspberry Pi NES. The one thing you are overlooking though is the fact that every game you download takes money away from the developer. Then you might be thinking “fuck the developer”, well then why are you playing their game?

The Raspberry Pi NES does have some cooler benefits which are the fact that you can stuff some mini 3D printed cartridges into the Pi NES, although they do not do anything. Games are still loaded onto the Pi NES the same way they are on the NES classic.

The Pi NES is probably the better device, but how many of us actually know how to setup a Raspberry Pi. How many of us actually know how to 3D print out a NES housing. Well I know it is as simple as downloading the plans, but I don’t own a 3D printer yet. Then I will say it again, you are stealing the rights of those games that you download with the Pi NES, although I have no idea if those companies are still around and even care.haha


So if I was feeling handy and wanted to go through all that trouble in creating my own console, I would definitely go the Pi Ness route. That won’t happen though as I am a pretty lazy geek and will just buy the NES classic. The games are limited, but at least I can enjoy a bunch of classic NES games without much trouble. You can get the NES classic here

and you can see theĀ  Pi NES in action here

If you are a super hardcore Retro game collector then neither of these will probably be on your list, well unless it is to collect the console for the future.

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